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    Week Double One Empty Week Double One

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on April 13th 2011, 2:18 am

    Finished my 7th day in a row (and 13 out of the last 15) with a visit from the beloved Bimbo's. Just wish they could have taken it easy on me by at least giving me one of the shorthanded games or the forfeit since i was already doing double duty as bartender AND player (can't wait for Tom to get back!) Yes...the Bimbo's made the THIRD team in a row to play us shorthanded, and we, in turn, put up our familiar.....

    Bimbo's 1
    The Usual Suspects 11

    Brian and I AGAIN take the only loss of the night in our cricket match, MAN, that fucking kid SUCKS! Wink Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing . Can't speak for any of the other matches, since i was behind the shoe and didn't get to see much, but I will say that my match against John DeForge at the end of the night was awesome. We each gave each other ONE chance to win in each game. Luckily I took advantage twice to his once.

    I've got a feeling that this 'shorthanded streak' ends here. Our final 3 games are Home vs Yaay (#5), AT Tons Of Fun (#3), and Home vs Nemesis (#1). I can't see ANY way that Josh lets his team go short fighting for the final playoff spot, ToF is AT HOME and jockeying for position, and it COULD come down to Nemesis vs TUS for FIRST PLACE on the FINAL WEEK! For any of THOSE teams to go short would really be a shocker (and frankly, a little suspicious). Either way......I'M OFFICIALLY ON VACATION!!!! FLA BABY!!! Hold down the fort boys! Good Luck next week! And P.S. I did you guys a little favor...Put LAURA on (instead of "the valve") for the DOUBLE DARTS match (Eric's team HOME too) next week! You can thank me later.

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