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    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on April 20th 2011, 3:09 pm

    Seems like the annual bitch fest about start times has come up once again. My question is where the fuck are you people playing where the matches take so long? We have started at 8PM for every single match, and barring the Assassins (who are notorious SLOW players) we have had every match done by 10:30 at the latest. The shorthanded matches are done by 9:30/9:45 (unless a fight breaks out). What's the issue here? Do the matches take forever cause the teams SUCK, or is it because there is too much "dead" time in between matches (ie cigarette breaks, warm up throws, etc.) No need to throw a dart before 8PM, and in our particular case, pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. Our team doesn't even arrive to HOME games until about 7:45 (and that's the EARLY guys). Want to leave early, then play early and leave. What's the issue? On our team, you play and go. It's that simple. Want to get home sooner, tell your captain to play you in first or second 301, or none at all. EASY! If you have to be up at 4AM for work, you seriously need a different job. If I am ever 60 years old and need to be up for WORK at 4AM, please fucking put me out of my misery and fucking KILL ME! Bottom line is, even WITH an 8PM START, the games should be COMPLETELY OVER by 11PM! Jesus, that's THREE FUCKING HOURS to play 12 lousy games. At 10 minutes per game (which is A LOT), that's only TWO HOURS. Most 301 games that I play go THREE GAMES and last LESS than 10 minutes TOTAL. Christ, I've lost 2 straight in less than 5 minutes before. What fucks everything up is this stupid 2 out of 3 cricket bullshit that the Super A's insist on playing. Cricket takes forever to begin with (especially with the ridiculous POINTING that goes on at the higher levels) Playing best of 3 crickets totally DRAGS the night on.

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