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    Summer Season has arrived!


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    Summer Season has arrived! Empty Summer Season has arrived!

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on June 3rd 2011, 12:37 pm

    The SSDA kicks off this Tuesday! Hopefully we can get at least 6 ouf our 10 guys to make the long hard trip to Rockland this week. We've got quite a mish-mash of players adding two guys from the PDL (Chip & Eric), a D player from the MMDL (Jared), and a Super A guy (Maguire) to go along with our core 6 from our Suspects team. Unfortunately, Chip and Eric are OUT because they are in the PDL Championship next week, I am going Phishing at the Woods, and Maguire might have some vehicle issues. Hopefully he gets that taken care of and we have at least 6. I know that Nellie definitely does NOT want to go if he doesn't absolutely HAVE to. He didn't even want to PLAY in the summer, but I begged him to cause i knew we would have problems getting people to want to go to road games almost an hour away (which they ALL are). Man I wish we could have gotten that Norwood/Dedham division.

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    Summer Season has arrived! Empty Re: Summer Season has arrived!

    Post  JustTheFacts on June 7th 2011, 9:40 am

    Shoulda talked to me Dave. I would've played all your away matches only. Every one except Quincy is within 10 minutes of home for me.

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