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    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on September 26th 2012, 12:31 pm

    The Winged Buffalo 4
    Ink Blots 4

    The Winged Buffalo OT WIN!

    This was our 2nd 4-4 OT win in as many weeks. Shouldn't have even gotten to that point, as we were up 4-1 and blew the final 3 singles matches. Brian and I were able to redeem our singles losses by pairing up and winning 2 straight OT games though. There's something about that Ink Blots team. They REALLY seem to hate losing to us. It's almost as if they feel like they should NEVER lose to us and get all pissy when they do. What's even stranger is that I have no idea why they should feel that way. We are now 5-1 lifetime against those guys including winning the last 5 in a row. Personally, I can't understand how those guys seem to cruise through the rest of the division. Last season they took 1st place in the division despite going 0-3 against us. Maybe they are just mad that they can't get into our heads the way they apparently do to the other teams in the division. I just don't get it. This was our 3rd time that we've gone to OT with these guys, and in EVERY instance their captain disagreed with me on the way OT was supposed to be run. In all 3 times, the rulebook had to be pulled out to prove that ONCE AGAIN I was right. SHOCKER! affraid In this instance, they were ADAMANT that OT was supposed to go 501 then cricket with the visitors starting the 501 and the home team starting the cricket. It's not. It's diddle for middle calls the 1st game AND starts it. This takes the advantage of going first in cricket from the home team and gives it to whoever wins the diddle, since whoever wins the diddle SHOULD choose cricket to start. In the end, we played by the rules, won the diddle, started cricket, won, then went on to 501 where we went 2nd (with Brian getting in with 148). We won both and shook everyone's hand. The captain wouldn't stand or even make eye contact. He begrudgingly shook hands with his head still buried in the rule book. As we gathered our things and headed out I could hear him telling his team that THIS overtime system was completely unfair. Not sure HOW he could even come up with that assesment, but oh well. You want to talk unfair? How about the fact that even though we were the ONLY dart team in the place, we had to play over by the pool tables? This wouldn't have been a problem if it weren't for the fact that they let random people play on those tables all night long. For the majority of the night, TWO of the pool tables were used by patrons. These tables are extremely close to the board and there were multiple times that either the shooter had to wait, or the scorer had to move so that a pool player could take a shot. Picture being at the line and right in front of you to the right there is a pool game going on. People walking around, sticks moving in and out over the dart area, the scorer having to get out of the way constantly. Ridiculous. What was even more ridiculous is that they have another board on the entire other side of the place with absolutely no distractions at all. Unfortunately, the bar had that area all darkened off with no lights on. It would be like going to Wendell's but having the entire dining room all closed down and having to play darts next to the golden tee machine with guys playing it all night. Either way, it was a distraction to both teams, so no one got an advantage, but unneccisary nonetheless. In any case, we'll take our 4th win to remain undefeated at the top of the standings and move on.

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