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    Lucky 7's! Empty Lucky 7's!

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on October 17th 2012, 12:48 pm

    Week 7 sees The Winged Buffalo go to 7-0 by taking 7.

    The Winged Buffalo 7
    Anger Management 1

    Was not so lucky for the other Wendell's squad who lost 1-7 to the Powerhouse Pawtucket team to drop to 0-7.

    It was really unfortunate that Hubie decided to quit their team after week 1 of the season after moving up to the top division. He is obviously missed. In a match with only 8 total games, ONE player (who gets to play 3 of those games - not including OT) can make a HUGE difference. Especially if that player is as good as Hubie. Hubie is 90-24 (78.9%) overall in the past 4 seasons. He's 31-7 (81.8%) in Singles, and 32-6 (84.2%) in team cricket. This season he was 2-1 before quitting. It obviously has had a huge impact on the team. Considering the 4th place team in the division only has 2 wins, I think it's safe to assume that JTT WOULD have at LEAST had a SHOT at 2 wins over the first 7 weeks if Hubie was actually playing (which would put them in the playoffs).

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