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    Hello second place Empty Hello second place

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on October 24th 2012, 2:48 pm

    The Winged Buffalo suffered our first loss of the season last night to the powerful Pawtucket Bulls On Parade team. Thought for SURE we were looking at our 6th OT vs these guys at 3-3 with 2 games to go. Unfortunately, Nemeskal let Derek off the hook in the 2nd leg of his cricket game by not pointing when he had the chance, and Derek came from behind and stole game 2 then went on to take game 3. Then Brian had an off night with a particularly poor and Un-Brian-like performance in the final cricket match.

    Bulls On Parade 5
    The Winged Buffalo 3

    This puts us both at 7-1, but Bulls have the overall points tiebreaker, which drops us to 2nd place. Still have one more shot at these guys in Match 3 at their place in November. Should be a good one.

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