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    Did I hear a 9-er in there?


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    Did I hear a 9-er in there? Empty Did I hear a 9-er in there?

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on November 1st 2012, 11:40 am

    Week 9 has Personeni's Ink Blots heading to the Mecca for our second showdown. Always a close one that usually has us emerging as the winner. Sort of like our battles with Pawtucket, but with the roles reversed and us getting the win. This week would be more of the same...

    Ink Blots 4
    The Winged Buffalo 4

    Winged Buffalo OT WIN.

    This is our 6th win in a row against these guys. We've had 4 OT games - including the last 2. We were actually down 0-3 to start but then rallied for 4 straight only to see Brian lose his 2nd straight singles match to force OT. Brian quickly made up for it in OT though as he hit TRIP 16, TRIP 15, DOUBLE Bull late in the match to ice the team cricket. 501 went down to the wire, but Nellie took out 40 in his first try with the Ink Blots right on our heels. No contraversies this week, just some good darts. Saw a high in of 120, a high out of 120, a hat trick, a round of nine, and four T40's.

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