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    Damn that Pawtucket team is good...


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    Damn that Pawtucket team is good... Empty Damn that Pawtucket team is good...

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on November 10th 2012, 1:43 pm

    Bulls On Parade from Pawtucket is now 9-1 with 67 points thru 10 weeks. That's almost 7 points (out of a possible 8 ) per week average. Pretty impressive. They have beaten EVERY team in the division, EXCEPT The Winged Buffalo, 8-0. Their ONLY loss on the season was a 4-4 OT thriller vs the Buffalo that went down to the 3rd tiebreaker. They are 59-5 this season against Ink Blots (14-2), Bar nuts (15-1), Anger Management (15-1), and Just the Tip (15-1) combined. The Winged Buffalo's 7 wins against them are more than the other 4 teams have total. The third and final match between Bulls and Buffalo will be November 27th in Pawtucket. Looks to be a great match.

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