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    Lots of CRAP in the Sewer! Empty Lots of CRAP in the Sewer!

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on November 19th 2012, 9:44 am

    Amazing! Been gone from the MMDL for almost TWO YEARS and they STILL can't get me out of their minds. I LOVE the fact that Round of Nine goes SHORT almost EVERY single week and they don't get ANY crap about it. Hypocrasy at its best! Now R09 is ALREADY talking about moving down while in SIXTH in the division IN SPITE of playing short AND missing their top shooters! Well, if you can come in 6th with a shorthanded team AND missing your top 2 guys, you could EASILY come in 6th if you added a couple of guys no matter WHAT their level is. I'd invite them to come play in the BEST dart league in Mass, but there's NO WAY we would want a WEYMOUTH team down here, it would completely RUIN the division. After all, we've got 10 out of 15 weeks right here in the Mecca, and the other 5 weeks are a mere 5 to 15 minutes away, and unfortunately, the 40 minute Weymouth ride doesn't even come CLOSE to that, so you'd have to move up shop. Foxboro, Norwood, or Weymouth is about as FAR as we'd be willing to go. It's unfortunate though, because this league truly IS awesome. You only need 4 players to field a team, every game is best 2 out of 3, the competition is a HIGH A / LOW Super A level, and the singles matches have a variety with BOTH 301's and crickets. Not only that, but the awards are outstanding. Huge trophy's, TONS of individual award plaques, gift card rewards for 'player of the month', embroidered high quality shirts for the Champs, a banquet/awards ceremony at the end of the year...the list goes on and on. Mark does a PHENOMENAL job with this league! NEVER been happier with the travel, the competition, and the format. So there's no more bitching from Eyes! We've finally found the BEST league in the State! cheers

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