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    Fix Division 1 Empty Fix Division 1

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on March 21st 2013, 3:11 pm

    Division 1 is currently a 6 team division where everyone plays each other three times for a 15 week season. After that, 4 of the 6 teams go to the playoffs and play 2 more weeks against the same teams we just played in a home & home race to 9. So you end up playing some teams FIVE times in one season (3 regular season games & 2 playoff games.

    I would like to see a Division 1 comprised of TEN teams broken down into two divisions of 5. You would play everyone in your own division twice (for a total of 8 games) and everyone in the other division once (for a total of 5 games). This would cut the regular season from 15 weeks to 13 weeks. The top 4 teams from each division would make the playoffs. (8 out of 10). Playoffs would now expand from 2 weeks to 3. This would make the total season 16 weeks as opposed to the current 17 weeks. It would also allow more teams to make the playoffs at 80% (8 out of 10) as opposed to the current 67% (4 out of 6). In addition, I would reccommend that the top 2 Division 1 teams who have dominated Division 1 over the past 2 seasons, be placed in DIFFERENT divisions. By splitting up the two super-powers, it would ensure that no one division would be overly stacked. It would also give you a much bigger variety of teams to face.

    The first round of the playoffs would have you face the other division. For example 1st place in East Dvision would play 4th place West, 2nd Place West would play 3rd place East, 1st place West would play 4th Place East, and 2nd place East would play 3rd place West. In the 2nd round, you would have the possibility of facing another team in your division. Round 3 would be the Championship and would have the possibility of having the two #1 seeds square off.

    The question is who is amongst the 10 top teams. I'd say the current 6 teams in Division 1 PLUS Just The Tip (currently 1st in 1A)& Geno's (currently 2nd in 1A). Now we just need 2 more. If one of those 2 teams does NOT win the Championship, then the team who DOES is #3. Otherwise, we just need to figure out 2 more teams (possibly Remember us from Foxboro or Catnuts from Mansfield)

    Maybe something like this:
    Division 1 EAST:
    Bulls On Parade (Pawtucket) 2nd (1)
    Winged Buffalo (Norton) 3rd (1)
    Just The Tip (Norton) 1st (1A)
    Ink Blots (Norton) 4th (1)
    Anger Management (Norton) 6th (1)

    Division 1 WEST:
    Full Of Bull (Pawtucket) 1st (1)
    Geno's (Mansfield) 2nd (1A)
    Catnuts (Mansfield) 3rd (1A)
    Remember Us (Foxboro) 4th (1A)
    All Bull (Attleboro) 5th (1)

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    Fix Division 1 Empty Re: Fix Division 1

    Post  mark on March 21st 2013, 9:16 pm

    Nice...I like it. Doesn't look like a lot of blow outs in either division which is the bottom 1 and upper 1A issue with being in the top division. Might have to rewrite some code, though...

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