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    Going to be an interesting Fall


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    Going to be an interesting Fall Empty Going to be an interesting Fall

    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on July 6th 2011, 11:34 am

    You can pretty much kiss that 8 team Super A division goodbye. In fact, 6 will be a struggle. And is it possible that NOBODY moves up from the A division this season? A defininte possibility. So many questions, AND in an AD election year no less. Does ANYONE know the plan? Who's going to be the FRESH MEAT to WASTE their ENTIRE SEASON playing 14 weeks of meaningless darts getting your ASS handed to you week after week in humiliating fashion? Who's ready to play almost 4 months of darts for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (except for those incredibly wonderful "lessons" on how to LOSE horribly week after week that Jakesey is always saying are so useful) I heard through the rumour mill (and I will preface this by saying I have no CONFIRMED knowledge of anything - just shit i've "heard") that the 'plan' would be to let the LAST PLACE Predators move DOWN while promoting the two division winners (The Usual Suspect & The Fox) as well as the Area Champ (and State Runner-Up) Nemesis. However, I also hear that none of those teams may exist in the Fall. Nemesis has been rumoured to have 'broken up' which is not surprising. Does anyone know if this is true? There is also talk that the Fox would do whatever it takes to NOT go to Super A in the Fall. The only thing that I can personally CONFIRM is that The Usual Suspects will definitely NOT be moving up. We actually have the luxury of being able to CHOOSE whichever league is best for us and STILL play competitive league darts. We can either choose the highest division in the PDL and have a definite chance of making the playoffs and a legit shot at a Championship combined with extremely good competition as well as a travel schedule that has us playing all our matches within 5 to 15 minutes away, OR we can stay with the MMDL and more than likely get forced into a division where we can't compete and have virtually NO chance at making the playoffs, and absolutely no chance at actually winning a Championship, all the while with :40-:50 minute road trips to away games, most of which ALLOW SMOKING. Doesn't actually sound like much of a "decision" at all. So the question is, what happens then? Do they try and fuck over Round Of Nine and screw them for a season? Does Tully's become the FIRST last place Super A team that doesn't get to move back down? Or do they SMARTEN UP and move back to a 4 team Super A division in each area? It will definitely be interesting.

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    Post  dwalsh on July 22nd 2011, 9:04 am

    I personally have no desire to play against teams that do not belong in SuperA.I am not being elitist when I say this...just my personal preferance.There will only be 2 legit Super A teams in the ss this year.Sad really.It's 2 because Makin'Treble pretty much makes up the 2 teams with some additions like my son and Mike Mcgann.Now in order to beat the 9 for the title,we would need to totally stack the team as we did last year when we won it all...but who on the SS would want to play us?There are 3 legit Super A teams in the North,2 in the SS,NONE IN Boston as Rob Peterson's team is broken up,maybe 1 in the Central.That is 6 teams total...5 with an outside shot at winning it all,one pretty much a lock.Put us all in one division...we just have to travel if we want Super A darts...but no one will want to.

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    Post  Jakesy on July 22nd 2011, 6:02 pm

    Dave are you sitting down?..... Your right, MMDL Super A sucks. I love the competition but I wouldn't classify it as fun at all. Mostly due to some of the people in it. I typed way more than this 3 times and deleted it every time. But believe me I could say more.

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    Post  Chitown599 on August 3rd 2011, 2:26 pm

    News flash ---------------- there hasn't been a true S.A. division for over 15 years. While the MMDL tried very hard to keep the idea of S.A. alive, all it really is, is a watered down version, and not a very good one at that. At best, you had 5 teams total, counting all areas that had a chance of winning it all, realistically only 3. To echo dwalsh, not trying to sound like an elitist, but none of the top shooters enjoyed beating teams 9-3 or worse every week.
    There was no challenge, and where there isn't a challenge, your not going to have very much fun.
    Eye's, you keep saying that your team wasted 14 weeks, playing in the S.A. division. Well, so did Vested Interest, Treble Makers, Making Treble, and The Incredible's. I won the State Championship with each one of those teams, and we felt like we were wasting 14 weeks as well. So please, don't think we were having fun killing everyone, because we weren't.
    I have said all along to take all the top teams in each area, and combined them together forming 1 strong S.A. bracket, possibly 2, and to stop forcing teams up that have no business there. Not many people liked the idea, so that is why S.A. is in the state it is in.

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