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    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on May 28th 2013, 12:33 pm

    The other Wendell's team (Just The Tip) continues to COMPLETELY DOMINATE the DoubleCork League! Tonight they play in their FOURTH CHAMPIONSHIP in as many tries. This year they are currently 15-1 and took 1st place in their division for the SECOND time. They have gone to the Division 1A Championship EVERY single time they have played in that division. A win this week will mark their THIRD CHAMPIONSHIP in Division 1A. Talk about DOMINANCE. These guys fucking CRUSH the weak opponents they face! In the 4 seasons they have played Division 1A, they have gone to the CHAMPIONSHIP EVERY SINGLE SEASON and are looking to win it 3 times out of 4. They have finished 1st in their division twice and second the other two times. They have compiled a record of 51-13 over those 4 seasons. That's almost .800!!! If that's not domination, I don't know what is. Nice work destroying the lower levels guys! You really know how to show them who's boss! Good luck this week on your quest for a THIRD CHAMPIONSHIP! Don't worry about the fact that you are playing teams that are way below your level. What difference should that make. Winning is winning, and bringing home a shiny trophy from a division of much weaker talent should be JUST as satisfying as competing (and losing) in the upper division. I mean, who wants to 'compete' when you can just roll over your opponents week to week and go to the Championship every year. Winning is so much more fun, and CRUSHING everyone really makes you guys look like you are the BEST! So, again, good luck tonight, and don't worry if by some crazy circumstance you don't win your THIRD Championship...You will always have another chance to crush the little guys next year when you put in for the lower level yet again! Rolling Eyes

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