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    Post  EyesOfTheWorld on May 7th 2010, 11:44 am

    The Super A format has had much debate lately. One board or two? Old format or new? Singles 501, cricket, and 301 or just 301? 2 out of 3 or 1 game? It seems that no one can really agree. What we do know is that the night takes forever when two evenly matched teams hook up, go 3 games almost every series, and play on one board. Personally, I think there is compromise to be found by merging some things. First, the 2 man 501's are definitely better than the 3 man 601's. Don't need best 2 of 3 though. Going to 3 single games (as opposed to 2 of 3) with a DOUBLE IN would cut about 45 minutes off the night AND give the weaker team a MUCH better shot to compete and take more points. We've won MANY 1st game 501's and dropped the next 2. It would totally make the matches more competitive. Secondly, keep the crickets exactly the same. Three best of three matches. This will take the most time to complete, but totally is the most fun game. There is so much strategy to cricket compared to '01. And, I feel, it's the best game to watch. Going back and forth. Debating decisions. There's just a lot to the game from so many angles. Don't change a thing. Finally, go back to 6 301's double in/double out best of 3 singles. This has been the staple of the MMDL It is what everyone is accustomed to AND it gives the BEST shot to win for the weaker shooters. The 'double in' is the big equalizer. If you get in first, and your opponent has a couple rounds of trouble, anybody can beat the "best" with a few good rounds. I think that going with this system will not only shorten the night, but will make matches much more competitive by giving some of the unstacked teams much more opportunity to win some games and even matches.

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